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Boeing 737 Fuel Planner is fuel management add-on
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Boeing 737 Fuel Planner is fuel management add-on. It was designed for simulation purposes and to be used on flight simulation applications. It resembles a panel found on airplane control decks. You can use this to calculate your fuel needs to get from A to B. It works with Boeing 737 planes, and it has presets for 8 different models. Each model has information about the weight restrictions and limits that are safe to use, and you can add different payload information to the interface for accounting the additional weight. Data input is carried out with an on-screen keyboard that includes numbers 1 through 9 and a "clear" button. To calculate the fuel usage for a trip, you should add some data about the flying conditions that you will be experiencing, like altitude, weight, payload, and some more advanced ones. After loading your fuel, the fuel planner will tell you whether the remaining fuel will suffice to get you to your destination. As fuel is used, the weight of your plane will decrease, and fuel planner keeps that in mind and displays it in real-time. Although this is meant to be used in flight simulators, anyone can use it without having one installed.

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  • Very technical app with lots of information


  • I know it aims at being authentic but data input could be a little easier
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